is a site I designed for a company that offers a massage service at the workplace. It’s a elegant, single page site, with a pastel, almost duo-tone colour palette, and a simple logo. What is interesting about it is the booking system.


At the bottom of the page is a section where you can book appointments. The technology used is extremely powerful and feature rich. Whilst it can easily work for anyone wanting to simply allow clients to see what slots are available, it also had many features for organisations with several workers. You can quickly schedule and book appointments without having to directly contact you or your employees;

  • book an appointment on any device, since it is fully responsive;
  • select the category, the service, and employee to perform the service;
  • define the dates and time that work best for them and the booking system will offer only available time slots;
  • fill in the minimum amount of contact details;
  • get SMS notification confirming their reservation;
  • get SMS reminder about an upcoming appointment; and
  • take payments from your device.

Try it for yourselves. It’s only about £100 (one off) to add this functionality to your site.